The Final DC Universe Classics checklist is now here!

November 14, 2012 in Hot Toy News

Here’s the final DC Universe Classics checklist, now including all waves, multi-packs and spin-off lines prior to the rebranding of DCUC. It’s been an awesome ride guys! I remember when I was wondering when I should include the figures here with DC Superheroes- that would’ve been a photoshop load nightmare! Many thanks to Mattel for these fantastic figures. Special thanks to Ham Salad as a lot of the images are from his collection. Look forward to the all new DC Signature Collection and DC Comics Unlimited checklist. Click the photo above to see full photo.


Note: This is the final checklist in terms of content, but may be tweaked in the future for photo credits (if missing), if any unreleased figures are released eventually, or other minor changes.


V 10.4 Added Ultraman run-change and fixed The Atom (Miniature)’s position. Added legend for various retail lines and unreleased figures.


V 10.3. Drega also pointed out the variance in Star Sapphire Wonder Woman releases. Added Hawkman’s alternate head. Red Robin now labeled Kingdom Come OR Ulysses Armstrong (to tie him to the main DCU) as he was the only one THAT BIG to wear a Kingdom Come Red Robin suit (Jason’s had pouches). Added Captain Collector and Tornado Eater’s notes for the variations in Martian Manhunter and Wave One (respectively). Thanks guys. Also spiffed the logo up a bit.

V.10.02- Drega pointed out Wave 16 Riddler has two versions. Also thanks to Rodkeith and VanStatten for pointing out the distinct lack of Starro Spores. Thanks guys. Also added Mr. Mind and Skeets to Booster Gold’s nameplates.
V.10.01- A typo, some color fixes, grayed out the YJ 2-pack and fixed Riddler’s nameplate (thanks Jim Abell!)