DCCU The New 52 Hawkman and The Flash found in “reject bins”.

November 12, 2012 in Hot Toy News

DC Comics Unlimited (DCCU) overruns of The New 52 Flash and Hawkman have been spotted online. Supposedly they’re landing in “reject bins”. So far they’re looking awesome.

Hawkman’s design utilizes his first, more streamlined New 52 costume. His V-belt lands below his waist cut and thus it looks like the small lower part of his abs will be gold. Of course we don’t know if the production figures will be the exact same.

The Flash hasĀ  “light marks” all over him. We haven’t confirmed yet if his lightning accessory is the exact same mold as Superman Red/Blue (with the logo).

Of course we cannot guarantee the quality of figures that aren’t store-bought or Mint-On-Card straight from Mattel, so it’s still more advisable you get your stuff through official channels. The photo was posted over at DC-MOTU Collectors Philippines found by (poster’s name pending).

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