New Jollibee Green Lanten (TAS) Toys

August 1, 2012 in Custom Justice, Hot Toy News

Jollibee, the Philippine food chain, who a few years back released two waves of  five-inch action feature Justice League figures and Justice League Unlimited collectibles, as well as the official Kids Meal provider in the Philippines for Marvel properties, has just released two action feature toys based on Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

The two toys are the “Force Field Ring” and the “Energy Spinner”. The “Energy Spinner” is a solid Hal Jordan Green Lantern figure made of translucent plastic and styled after Bruce Timm’s original design. Of course there’s that odd peg on the right arm as well, and combined with the translucent look, this reviewer thought it was either a pen or a flashlight at first- but more on that in a bit.

The figure has a right arm that’s an odd length, but since it’s meant to be extended, it looks less strange when he’s “flying”. The paint job is pretty good, but look out for splotches here and there. Also you’ll note the reverse coloring on the right arm. It seems the paint matches better when his arm is fully extended. Still though, not show-accurate. The headsculpt and body sculpt are very much Bruce Timm. His wrists are a bit thin though.

It comes with three snap on parts- a shield, a hammer, and a lantern (styled after Justice League Unlimited’s lantern).

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 The peg that I mentioned allows for the attachments to be spun as a basic action feature- though why he’d wanna spin his battery is beyond me.

In addition to that (not shown on the instructions) you can combine all three constructs together.

The “Force Field Ring” is this series’ role play toy. It comes with a ring, a two-piece stand, and four plates to use with the ring.

The stand comes in two pieces which the customer must then assemble. The lantern logo pivots where you connect it. The ring is a rather large piece, and no, it probably won’t fit adult fingers (unless you wanna wear it on your pinky). Another oddity which came as a shock to me was…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s actually a Red Lantern ring. Oh well, this could be because of one of three things- one is that WB is secretly luring children into engaging in rage-related activities to bring out their inner Red Lantern. Or someone forgot what color GREEN Lantern is supposed to be. Or the belief that red LEDs are more economical than other colors. I’m going with the latter. As for the plates, they can be snapped onto the ring for some pretty fancy lightshows (for a budget). The ring (with plate) can also be mounted on the stand, preferably facing down as it’s rather loose and won’t hold upwards. As seen below the plates project two versions of the Green Lantern icon, the Interceptor ship silhouette and the Green Lantern typeset/logo for the animated series.


The fun thing about the toys is you can put together the ring and the figure to light Hal Jordan up. Of course this is basically an exercise on showing Green Lanterns are also susceptible to rage.

Also the stand looks fantastic with the figure. It’s not meant for it though, so it’ll take some work (balancing or poster putty) to get it to work.

Of course, probably the first thing our dudes and dudettes are wondering is if this body can work as a customizable. The figure is of harder plastic (except for the right “glove” which is rubbery plastic) and it is rather small in comparison with Justice League Unlimited bodies. The sculpt does recall the generic buck as seen below.
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